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    VC605TA Variable frequency speed regulating winder
    VC605TA Variable frequency speed regulating winder

    VC605TA frequency conversion speed regulation winder
    VC605TA frequency conversion speed regulating winding machine is suitable for feeding elastic yarn with size of 50d-300 days or 230 lb and 170 lb bobbins. It is used for warp, weft and knitting. This machine is equipped with a frequency converter, which can control the winding length, stop automatically when the cylinder is full and stop automatically when the head is broken, and has automatic adjustment of spindle speed and arbitrary adjustment of over feeding speed. It meets the requirements of slow starting and constant wire speed, makes the main winding and overfeed yarn feeding get the best coordination, ensures the accuracy of winding, and is the ideal high elastic yarn winding equipment at present
    Technical Specifications

    Type One side, left and right
    Ingots 24 spindles/set
    Wire speed 400m/min
    Spindle turning Clockwise
    Cam stroke 150mm
    Tension device Grid type door tensioner
    Guide wire speed ratio Article 6.48.4
    Spindle spacing 300mm
    bobbin form &Phi; 62 times; 230 mm
    Volume capacity Length 200mm Diameter 200mm
    Motor power 120W/spindle speed 1400 rpm
    Over feeding motor 25W/spindle speed 2800 rpm
    Overall dimensions
    Length× Width× High
    7600×; 997× 1850mm
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