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    JM0406HPrecision digital winder
    JM0406HPrecision digital winder

    ? JM0406H lower horizontal active unwinding winder is a new high speed winder launched by our company. The equipment is suitable for active unwinding of elastic filament yarn, loose tube yarn, double twist loose tube yarn, and winding into parallel tube yarn or triple cone tube yarn

    Advantages of the machine: the yarn frame is placed under it, which is convenient for yarn finishing, wiring lugs and stable mechanical operation. Especially, when the moisture content is high after dehydration, water mist and water throwing will not form and interfere with each other

    The equipment has a simple and firm structure, light and elegant shape, and its winding speed is up to 800m/min. It adopts a digital servo drive system, active yarn feeding and online tension control to achieve the precise coordination of yarn feeding and winding, set the winding cross angle, and adjust the speed ratio of guide wire arrangement and winding at will to ensure various process requirements of the drum

    Technical specifications:

    Mechanical type: left and right hand single-sided machine, 5 spindles (4 spindles)/section, 60 spindles (48 spindles)/set

    Winding form: precision winding, digital winding

    Form of yarn guide: micro fiber rope driven wire guide

    Roll shape: parallel or tapered (3° 30′)

    Winding range: 50-600d

    Guide travel: 50-254mm

    Roll diameter:φ 280mm (maximum)

    Tension adjustment: electronic online tension

    Winding speed: up to 800m/min

    Oil filling method: automatic oil filling of stepping motor

    Operating height: 1190mm (center height of guide roller)

    Installed power: 350W/spindle

    Boundary dimension: 1800mm * 710mm * 1500mm (L * W * H)

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