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    JM0800 Series Automatic Winding Machine
    JM0800 Series Automatic Winding Machine

    JM0800 series automatic winding machine is suitable for winding sewing thread, embroidery thread, nylon thread, high-strength thread and other materials. This machine adopts automatic tube feeding and changing system and automatic head raising system for winding. It has computer automatic length measurement, frequency conversion speed regulation, cam type lead device, oil pump circulating oiling device and other structures. Good molding, high efficiency, convenient operation, safe and reliable, wide use and other characteristics


    Performance characteristics:


    1. Automatic tube changing and automatic bobbin winding system, which makes automatic tube changing quick and stable; Automatic pipe feeding and automatic shutdown without pipe


    2. Non contact broken wire detection, sensitive


    3. Computer automatic length measurement, accuracy± 5‰.


    4. The linear speed can be automatically controlled, and the linear speed of 300~1200 meters per minute can be arbitrarily set. (adjusted according to the process)


    5. The roller type cam wire system is adopted for winding, with high speed and low noise


    6. The lead cam is treated with special technology, which is smooth, wear-resistant and does not damage the yarn


    7. The circulating oiling system can directly set different tanker speeds, and the linear speed can be stabilized to ensure uniform oiling. Each ingot shall always be kept full of oil level. Each oil tanker is equipped with an oil filter to prevent oil spraying and waste. The large return oil tank and oil baffle can undertake the backflow of cotton wool and oil produced in operation and filter without polluting the ground. The movable filter screen is easy to clean

    8. Small footprint, fast speed, 5-6 times higher efficiency than traditional machines. High degree of automation, greatly reducing the number of workers. The 240d single strand can make 5kg line per hour, and the daily output of each strand is about 110kg based on 22 hours


    Technical parameters:







    A-shaped pipe, Y-shaped pipe and parallel pipe (choose one of them)

    Spindle speed


    Machine weight





    220V single-phase or 380V three-phase



    Air pressure


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