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    JM0401BPrecision digital winder
    JM0401BPrecision digital winder

    JM0401BPrecision digital winder

    JM0401BPrecision digital winder is a new high speed winder launched by our company. This equipment is applicable to the loose winding of chemical filament, silk, viscose filament and the wrapping and doubling winding

    The equipment has simple and firm structure, flexible shape, elegant appearance, and its winding speed is up to 1000m/min. The precise servo control system is used to set the winding cross angle, and the speed ratio of guide wire arrangement and winding is adjusted at will to ensure various process requirements of the drum

    Item Specification features
    Mechanical form Left and right hand single-sided machines, 5 spindles/section, 40 spindles/set
    Roll type Precision winding, digital winding
    Yarn guide form Microfiber rope dragging wire guide
    Roll shape Parallel or conical (3° 30 ")
    Winding range 20-1000d
    yarn guide travel 50-254mm
    Roll diameter Φ 280mm (maximum)
    Tension adjustment Gate grid type, online tension
    yarn guide speed Loosening 1000m/min, doubling 1000m/min
    Operating height 1190mm (spindle center height)
    Installed power 350w/spindle
    Overall dimensions 1800mm× 710mm× 1500mm( L×W×H)
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