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    JM0606 Precision Winding Machine
    JM0606 Precision Winding Machine

    JM0606 precision winding machine is a new elastic filament winding machine launched by our company, which is specially suitable for stranding and winding the elastic filament after cylinder dyeing into commercial yarn
    The machine is simple in structure, solid and beautiful in shape. The winding speed is 700m/min. The DC speed regulating system is adopted in combination with the advanced and accurate online tension control technology to change the traditional way that elastic yarn pulls the skein and the bobbin yarn rotates passively. The skein is driven by the motor and the bobbin yarn rotates actively to realize the active unwinding of the yarn, so as to reduce the loss of yarn elasticity and the generation of hairiness due to strain, ensure the original characteristics of yarn fibers, improve the winding speed and ensure the quality of the package. The application of precision winding technology and humanized design concept minimize the cost of operation, maintenance, repair and energy conservation
    Main specifications and technical features:
    Winding form: precision winding (equal pitch winding)
    Mechanical speed: 700m/min
    Roll shape: straight or tapered
    Winding diameter: 210mm at most
    Coiled bobbin: parallel or 3° 30′;
    Arrangement: single machine, 4 spindles for each group
    Spindle spacing: 360mm
    Center height of yarn frame: 1600mm
    Yarn feeding mode: up feeding (active)
    Transmission: single spindle, single motor, single spindle control system
    Power: installed power 300W (single spindle), DC brushless
    Transverse length: 125-150mm, 175-210mm
    Applicable materials: nylon, polyester, polypropylene; High and medium elastic chemical fiber

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